Thursday, October 3, 2013

Rough Cedar Table

I've had it in my mind for a while to make a food preparation table for the patio.  I've been using the Workmate to hold the baby Q, and there is little space to put the food, sauces, utensils, etc.  I've also been working on fences lately, and I've got some extra Cedar hanging around.  So put the two together and we get Cedar food preparation table to hold the baby Q.
The legs are 6 inch by 6 inch Cedar posts, and this idea was hatched when I found the posts.  Someone was throwing them away, and I spotted them while I was out walking Harley on the morning of the trash pickup.  So after we finished the walk I went and retrieved them.
I had some spare 2x4s and 2x6s from building the Garden Fence, here also Garden Fence 2, and the wood type matches, so I figured they would work together.  Also had some leftover 3 1/2 inch screws to put it all together.  This type of construction I call Hatching, and I use it a lot for the Rustic Furniture I build.  There is no formal plan.  I use recycled, or scrap materials.  It goes together as the available materials allow.  This one is more uniform than most.
Here I'm piecing together the frame.  The 6x6 posts were different lengths, so the upper frame is above the top of the posts to make the top straight.  Then there is a shelf on the bottom.  I make the gap between the posts six inches so I could use a single 2x6 between them as a shelf.
Then there are two smaller 2x6 pieces adjacent to the center shelf 2x6.  The rough Cedar helps the Rustic Furniture appearance.  I'd like to put some accent pieces on there like Texas stars.  I should get a brand so I can brand my logo onto it.  I'm thinking "Texian" brand, but still thinking about it.
Finally for the top I used four 2x6s.  The whole thing has a big, blocky feel.  It is also higher (37 inches) than the average counter top which is good for me, a tall counter is easier on my back.  I may need to make some more like this.  I can see adding some features to make them look better like mitering the corners of the frame boards and the top.  Well, I'm off to build more stuff.

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